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Humanitarian Projects


BeWell Project

Supporting Communities with Renewable Source of Clean Water

Providing Coastal area remediation solutions to prevent further degradation and flooding.

Building for HolisticHealth Centers to provide better health services 


Angel Foundation

The  mission of Paris Angel Foundation is to provide resources to families after the loss of a child, be it by gang violence, traffic accidents or sudden illness. Resources provided are to help families begin the healing process in hopes of a positive future


Active Voice Tanzania (AVOTA)

AVOTA helps vulnerable and marginalized children, Youth and Women in poor communities to transform their livelihood against poverty, gender inequality, human rights violation and all actions that threaten their lives.


Akuy Ukuku Project

The mission of Akuy Ukuku Project is two-fold.

First, to Feed and Improve the Living and Health Conditions of Children and Empower their Indigenous Single Mothers with Work Training in Oyster Mushroom production. Thus enabling them achieve self-sufficiency for their young families. Akuy has partnered with communities facing crisis and focusing on malnourished Peruvian children.

Second, to achieve Environmental Sustainability and the Remediation of Deforestation by replanting trees in the Andes mountains to keep heavy storms from killing the villagers that live there.


Colombian Recycling program

Providing Solutions to the massive Environmental Health problems caused by poor solid waste management. The Project involves the collaborative design and implementation of a Community Recycling Cooperative. This innovative initiative aims to address unemployment and poverty in a community by harnessing the productive potential of both organic and inorganic waste. By actively involving the community, the project not only offers job opportunities but also contributes to income generation. Additionally, it presents a sustainable solution to environmental health problems caused by inadequate solid waste management.



The ONBV Group

ONBV Group is committed to Building Schools and Hospitals for extremely poor children who do not have access to either Education or Medical Services to make a positive impact on our world. They base our decisions on in-depth empirical studies and meticulous data evaluation, ensuring that our actions are well-informed and effective. They are committed to making a difference and are determined to address this issue head-on.


Lotus Flower Orphan Sponsorship

The Lotus Flower Community School Project helps sponsor 50 school children who are studying in universities. This gesture would be highly recognized as it would among them promote the academic life of our community, our country and continent in which among them are orphans and vulnerable children that include a girl child who have nowhere to turn to for any help and if not embraced,she would be completely left outside the gender movement and developmental race. Why, then, do we have to help educate a girl child? She is the only one with a rightful force and key to our future in ensuring she gives life, and protects that life against illnesses, iliteracy, violence, unshelteredness, nakedness, hunger, thirsty, insecurity and any other social and complext economic issues.


Training Kenyan Farmers How to Protect Against Famine

Providing Poor Farmers withTraining and Tools so that they can grow crops to feed their people who otherwise would starve to death.

Their aim is to improve food production within their communities, allowing them to regain self-sufficiency. To achieve this goal, they collaborate with experts from Embu University and Chuka University, who provide valuable alternative solutions and services to support the farmers.


Join the Fight: Empower Early Detection to Save Lives from Breast Cancer!

Provides Free Medical Services to Poor Women such as Breast Cancer Screening. Breast Cancer is reaching epidemic levels in Kenya because poor women cannot afford to go to doctors.


Association for Community Development Build a School Roof for Children in Uganda

Aunt Rachael Nursery and Primary School is home to 100 children, aged between 6 and 12 years old. Sadly, approximately 35 of these children have been left orphaned due to the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS. These vulnerable children rely on the school for their safety and well-being. However, there is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed. Due to financial difficulties exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, the school has been unable to complete the construction of 8 classrooms. As a result, the safety of the children is compromised, particularly during the monsoon season when falling bricks pose a serious risk.

It is crucial that we take swift action to rectify this situation. By completing the construction of the classrooms and, most importantly, adding a roof to Aunt Rachael Nursery and Primary School, we can ensure the safety and happiness of these deserving children. Together, let’s make a difference in their lives.


Association for Community Development Empowering Women and Youth in Lwengo for Improved Welfare

AFCOD is sponsoring entrepreneurship and skills for women and youth in Nkoni B by 2024 to increase income levels, leading to sound investments, substantial savings, and improved access to credit for women and youth.

AFCOD promotes economic justice for women and youth in Lwengo District, focusing on increasing economic opportunities for women and youth in Government Programs. It also aims to ensure greater involvement of women and youth in the planning and implementation of these programs.


Defender Africa Foundation

Providing Clean Water Services and Educational Opportunities to Children in Uganda

‘Defender Africa Foundation’ promotes education and development for underprivileged children in the Busia region of Uganda and its surrounding areas.

Lacking the basic necessities required to support their learning, many of them are forced to drop out of school and are then pushed into child labor. To address this issue, the ‘Defender Africa Foundation’ sponsors the education of these children, providing them with scholastic materials, uniforms, and sanitary pads for the girls.


Verde Uganda

Verde Uganda Provides:

Clean Water Services

Medical services for AIDS afflicted older women abandoned by their families with no access to medical services

Educational Opportunities for Children


Supporting Good Neighbors Relief

Good Neighbors Relief, we are committed to make the world a better place for everyone. We made a positive impact in South Sudan with our partners. Through cooperation and community empowerment, we believe we can facilitate progress in the region. We are always striving to make a difference and invite you to join in our efforts to create a better world for children who are our future.