Building a Safe School in Kimbugu, Uganda

Help us build a school roof for kids in Uganda

Donate today and make their education safe.

We need your help to fix Aunt Racheal Nursery and Primary School’s roof in Kimbugu, Uganda. The roof is not finished yet. We want to complete it and tell people about educational issues in Uganda.

Education & Nursery for All the Children

Aunt Rachael Nursery and Primary School has 100 kids. Some of them, around 35, don’t have parents because of a sickness called HIV/AIDS. These children are between 6 and 12 years old. They rely on the school to take care of them.

Financial opportunities

Without access to education, these children are often forced into child labor, depriving them of opportunities for a better life.

Our goal

We need to raise $5000 to fix Aunt Racheal’s roof in Kimbugu, Uganda.

Even though the school is trying very hard, they couldn’t finish building 8 classrooms. The pandemic made it difficult to get enough money. Because of this, the school is not safe. The children are in danger from falling bricks, especially when it rains during monsoon season. We need to act quickly and finish the building, and most importantly, add a roof to keep the children safe and happy.

No alternatives

The school is not safe without a finished roof. Every day, they could get hurt by falling bricks during class. Fewer kids go to school because they worry about their safety. Some even have to work instead of studying.

Shelter and Education

The school has 100 kids, and 35% of them are orphans because of diseases like HIV. They all deserve a safe education. With your help, they can study in a secure place and have a chance for a better life

Make a Difference

Your donation can help us build the roof and make the school safe. Together, we can give these children a better future through education.

About Us

Our Mission

Global Peace Media is a humanitarian organization that aims to help underserved communities all around the globe by raising awareness and funds for projects. 

In this project, we aim to raise funds for Aunt Racheal Nursery & Primary School’s roof that remain unfinished from before the pandemic.

Our actions stretch across various continents helping organizations provide critically necessary life-sustaining services such as sufficient food, clean water, medical aid, and education, to some of the poorest communities.

Help us raise $5000 and provide a roof for an 8-classroom block in Aunt Racheal Nursery and Primary School in Uganda.

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