Be Part of Ostura's Musical Journey

What would happen if you put your entire life on the line to get an idea across?

Or a Melody?  Or a Sound?  Or a Story?

This is the question we need an answer to, and only with your help can we find it.
We are storytellers, and the past few years have given us all the reasons in the world to tell those stories. The road got tough to walk on, but with it, our ambition grew bigger. 

Home Album

So how do we stay afloat
when the ground beneath us collapses?

We are creating a new experience that goes beyond music and lyrics. We are inviting you into our unique cinematic musical world, with a fresh approach to songwriting unlike anything that exists today. Our story is that of war. Not of guns, nor politics, not a critique on war. We all know everything about war, or do we?

Each of us is fighting a personal war, and some of us are unlucky enough to have war knock on their roof.
9 songs will tell 9 stories of what it is like to experience war, and the toll it takes on human relations.

Me. Home. Brother. War. Mother. Father. Child. Lover. You.

We can only walk forward through your support.

You are what will keep us afloat!


Fire Album

To be able to meet your expectations and ours, and to be able to change the way music is consumed requires us to find and work with the best artists we can reach.

• 2 International Rock singers will be part of this production

• 3 of the best Prog bassists in the business

• An international drumming prodigy that is already turning heads everywhere he plays

• 2 Guest guitar players that are beyond recognizable in the modern guitar world.

• And of course, once again The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Love Album

In Ostura, we never felt comfortable doing what was expected from us as another "Lebanese band making non-Arabic music". We wanted to be among our heroes, the people we admire, and the people we look up to. We made "The Room" in 2018 ( and we had some of those heroes play with us, this never came from privilege, it came from a thirsty ambition to become somebody, and to hopefully become someone's hero one day. Our previous work is a testimony to our quest for perfection and innovation. It demonstrates the barriers we are willing to break to get our message across.

Today the barriers are higher, but also, we got better.

The crowdfund will later be extended to fund 9 short films that will mirror the themes of each song on the album. By this we achieve the perfect synergy of sound and visuals, something that has forever been at the core of the OSTURA experience.
The road is tough ahead, but to us, there is only one way, and that is to go forward. We want to be able to succeed in our goal, and maybe give Lebanon a sense of hope that art still lives. With your help, we can break through into new creative ground. 

We invite you to be part of the adventure and help Produce our New Album.

All sponsors residing in the USA, will typically get 100
% tax deduction through our partnership with Global Peace Media.

Art still breathes here.
Despite the war.