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Donate today and support us in raising $5000 for our breast cancer screening mission in Kenya

All donations will go towards screening more than 1400 women in western Kenya Bungoma County for breast cancer free of charge and raising awareness among women of Bungoma County on the need for early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness

By inspiring a community of proactive women & promoting early detection, we improve breast cancer outcomes in Bungoma County, Kenya.

Free Breast Cancer Screenings

Access to life-saving screenings empowers women in Kenya to take charge of their breast health & diagnose actively cancer in its early stages. 

What is the situation in Kenya

Breast Cancer remains the leading cause of cancer-related morbidity and mortality among women in Kenya.

According to the 2015 Kenya Stepwise Survey of Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors Report, breast cancer is the most common cancer (34 per 100,000), accounting for 23% of all cancers in women.

Every year approximately 4,500 patients are diagnosed and 2,000 patients lose their lives.

Early diagnosis and treatment could greatly reduce the burden of breast cancer and improve treatment outcomes.

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2000 lives lost to breast cancer each year


50% of women diagnosed are below the age of 50


68% of all cases in Kenya are diagnosed in advanced stages


5% screening rate

About Us

Our Mission

Global Peace Media is a humanitarian organization that aims to help underserved communities all around the globe by raising awareness and funds for projects. 

In this project, we aim to create awareness among grassroots communities on the need for early screening of breast cancer as a strategy to mitigate the associated high morbidity and mortality rates among rural women in Bungoma County in Kenya.

Our actions stretch across various continents helping organizations provide critically necessary life-sustaining services such as sufficient food, clean water, medical aid, and education, to some of the poorest communities.

Help us raise $5000 and provide free-of-charge screenings in Bungoma County, Kenya.

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