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for Projects that are in
Alignment with our Mission.


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Many thanks to Joseph and Nancy Gill, who graciously shared their magical photos from their amazing travels. Learn more about their travels round the world, Symbolism and improved Health on their website:

In addition to their wonderful site, they provide the most amazing library to the world for free:
Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

Columbian Recycling program

The Project consists of designing in a participatory way and implementing a Community Recycling Cooperative, which would contribute to generating jobs and income in a community characterized by unemployment and poverty, through the productive use of both organic and inorganic waste. .
The project would also offer a sustainable solution to environmental health problems generated by inadequate solid waste management. The project is 100% self-sustainable, the Community Recycling Cooperative will be dedicated to the work of recovering organic and inorganic solid waste with commercial value, directly at the source (home, commercial, institutional) receiving them as a donation or collection by the cooperative making the tasks of sorting the waste for its final disposal. The pre-classified materials will be transported to a Recycling Plant.


Providing Clean Water Services and Educational Opportunities to
 Children in Uganda

The major aim of the ‘Defender Africa Foundation,’ is to promote education and development of the poor, needy, orphaned, abandoned, disabled and vulnerable children from communities within the Busia region of Uganda and surrounding areas. The children are dropping out of schools due to lack of the bare necessities to support their education. The Defender Africa Foundation sponsors these children's education and the provision of scholastic materials, uniforms and sanitary pads for the girls, creating an improvement in the lives of these children. The number of those who need help continues to increase and is now affecting their budgetary requirements. There is an urgent need for sponsors of the children and funds for procurement of more scholastic materials, school uniforms, shoes, and sanitary pads for the girls. 

Providing Services to Filipino Immigrants
in New Jersey

‘Migrante New Jersey,’ is a grassroots 
 Filipino migrants' organization. They serve their community by:


1- Strengthening their migrant workplace with ongoing wage theft case support and quarterly 'Know Your Rights' trainings. 
2- Offering detention support with weekly visitation, court observation, and quarterly trainings.
3- Providing a comprehensive needs assessment report of the Filipino immigrant community with particular attention to J1 visa trafficking cases.
4. Deepening ties amongst fellow immigrant rights organizations through the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, International Migrants Alliance, and more.

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Sad-Joy of 1976

A Politician cares about VOTE, a Philosopher cares about Life.

The 1976-Uprising in South Africa changed the course of history. And,
Nelson Mandela showed the world that you can overcome supremacist
through peaceful persuasion.

The Debate regarding the 1976-Uprising in South Africa still continues.
It serves as good example of History being a dynamic subject where
conclusions regarding causes and results can never be definitive. That
is why interpretation and re-interpretation is the life-blood of

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Peruvian Children

You Make a Difference

Improving the Living
 and Health Conditions
of Children in Peru

The COVID-19 crisis has been devastating for the Peruvian children who are mal-nourished during this quarantine. We are delivering free food to the poor in the city of Lima (Perú) and training the indigenous single mothers for work so their young families be self-sufficient.

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Training Kenyan Farmers
How to Protect Against Famine

To provide 4 farmer-associations in Embu and Meru districts with basic farm inputs like seeds and fertilizers to help them re-cultivate their farms and get back to producing food for their communities and a return to making a decent living out from that effort.

Morningstar Title

Robert Morningstar - Host

The Morningstar Report is a bi-weekly international news & video report that brings the most important news regarding health, politics and economic news to a world audience.