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Alignment with our Mission.




Empowering Women and Youth in Lwengo for Improved Welfare

Economically empower women and youth for improved health and capacity to meet their needs. It will have other three specific objectives and their outcomes;

Objective1: To increase income levels for women and youth in Nkoni B by 2024.
Outcomes: increased investment for women and youth Increased savings and access credit
Increased knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship 

Objective 2: To enhance economic justices benefiting women and youth in
Lwengo District.
Outcomes: Increased economic opportunities for women and youth in Government Programs.
Increased involvement of women and youth concerns in Government Planning and implementation of its programs
Objectives 3: Promote food security among women and youth in Nkoni B by 2024
Outcomes: Increased food production among Youth and Women
Objectives 4: To reduce HIV / AIDS Infection and mitigation and its effects among women and Youth.
Outcomes: Produced HIV Incidence among women and Youth Increased Drug adherence  


Sad-Joy of 1976

A Politician cares about VOTE,
a Philosopher cares about Life.

The 1976-Uprising in South Africa changed the course of history. And,
Nelson Mandela showed the world that you can overcome supremacist
through peaceful persuasion.

The Debate regarding the 1976-Uprising in South Africa still continues.
It serves as good example of History being a dynamic subject where
conclusions regarding causes and results can never be definitive. That
is why interpretation and re-interpretation is the life-blood of

God Stripe
Peruvian Children

You Make a Difference

Improving the Living
 and Health Conditions
of Children in Peru

The COVID-19 crisis has been devastating for the Peruvian children who are mal-nourished during this quarantine. We are delivering free food to the poor in the city of Lima (Perú) and training the indigenous single mothers for work so their young families be self-sufficient.

God Stripe

Training Kenyan Farmers
How to Protect Against Famine

To provide 4 farmer-associations in Embu and Meru districts with basic farm inputs like seeds and fertilizers to help them re-cultivate their farms and get back to producing food for their communities and a return to making a decent living out from that effort.

Many thanks to Joseph and Nancy Gill, who graciously shared their magical photos from their amazing travels. Learn more about their travels round the world, Symbolism and improved Health on their website: https://worldglobetrotters.com.

In addition to their wonderful site, they provide the most amazing library to the world for free:
Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. https://archive.org.