PROJECT ABZERO BASURAS is working tirelessly to clean up and repurpose garbage in the Colombian territory to achieve their environmental purposes in favor of a healthy planet.

PROJECT ABZERO BASURAS is a Recycling program
The Project consists of designing in a participatory way and implementing a Community Recycling Cooperative, which would contribute to generating jobs and income in a community characterized by unemployment and poverty, through the productive use of both organic and inorganic waste.
The project would also offer a sustainable solution to environmental health problems generated by inadequate solid waste management. The project is 100% self-sustainable, the Community Recycling Cooperative will be dedicated to the work of recovering organic and inorganic solid waste with commercial value, directly at the source (home, commercial, institutional) receiving them as a donation or collection by the cooperative making the tasks of sorting the waste for its final disposal. The pre-classified materials will be transported to a Recycling Plant.