Peruvian Children

Improving the living and health conditions
of Children in Peru

You Make a Difference

IMPORTANT!! The COVID-19 crisis has been devastating for the Peruvian children who depend on their indigenous single mothers to bring home their livelihoods. That is why, during this quarantine, we are delivering free food to the poor in the city of Lima (Perú).

About us and our History

10 years ago, with some friends decided to create a Non profit for animal rescue in the Peruvian jungle, and teaching about the care of nature and wildlife in this world, to Peruvian children who live in the most economically depressed areas. With the desire to continue helping indigenous boys and girls, 9 years later, the idea of creating a social project for the production of Oyster Mushroom was born.

We began to investigate more about the living and health conditions of children in Peru, especially in the Ancash region, where we found that we have 292,189 children between the ages of 0 and 14, and that the rate of child malnutrition is around 50 % (INEI, 2017). In addition, of the 20 existing provinces in the region, 10 are located in quintile 1 of the poverty index (Regional Plan, 2017).

Then, we started our social project and decided to join the international Global Peace Media Organization, an Non profit aligned with our social purposes. Today, we work with the communities of Chupan, Quirubamba, Cantu, Marcara, Carhuayoc, Chavin-Independencia, Huaytuna, Vistoso, Huaripampa, Acopampa, Conchucos, Huamparan, Queroragra, Vichon, Racrachaca, Santa Rita-Chana, Coyllur, Mallacayan-La Merced, Succha, Cascay and Santa Cruz, where agriculture is normally used for the cultivation of potatoes, tubers and sugar, and for 17 months we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating Oyster Mushroom for consumption.

During this time we have managed to train community mothers for the production of the Oyster Mushroom. They can work hourly, daily or only on weekends; and with the voluntary help of people, we have given food to vulnerable families in the city of Huaraz.

The Focus of our work with #WeHelpChildrenGrowHealthier

The #WeHelpChildrenGrowHealthier movement, in direct contact with sustainable agriculture, focuses its efforts on contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the malnutrition in child population of the indigenous peoples of Peru, as well as seeking to provide employment to the community mothers who have been affected by the COVID-19 emergency.

How We Serve

To support the well being of the Peruvian indigenous communities, and generate a positive impact on the health of children in vulnerable conditions in Peru, we intend to serve in the following ways:

Production center: We will build a production center for the cultivation of Oyster Mushroom. This center will have a 500-square-meter plant, nurseries, and other inputs for labor such as packaging and distribution.

Employability: We will give single mothers in the department of Ancash more access to decent work for the production of Oyster Mushroom.

Training: We will provide free training days for employed mothers, management of production processes, updated techniques for the production of Oyster Mushroom and negotiation for fair trade. As well as provide to the production chain the added value it needs for its success.

Production: We will produce Oyster Mushroom for consumption. 100% Natural Vegetable Protein without Chemicals. We will dedicate 30 % of production to children most in need of calories and protein or iron; and 70 % will be commercialized in the cities of Peru and / or will be exported.

Food Delivery: We will give the children prepared meals like mushroom with pasta, and to the parents we will deliver the Oyster Mushroom to prepare at home. Tastings of creative preparations will made with the Oyster Mushroom to be delivered, in order to generate new family eating behaviors.

Reward: We will send our stamp of #ThankYouDearDonor to all the donors who contribute to making this project a reality.

Who Benefits

• Children between 3 and 7 years old, mainly in conditions of vulnerability, chronic child malnutrition and anemia problems.

• Indigenous mothers and single mothers.

The Social Impact
Approximately 3,500 boys and girls will have daily rations of Oyster Mushroom, as well as around 240 Andean women, who will have extra income and continuous training.

Your individual contribution HELPS not only an indigenous boy or girl in the Ancash Region to grow healthy through OYSTER MUSHROOM, you also give the opportunity to one of more than 30,000 single mothers to have access to decent and gainful employment.

JOIN our MOVEMENT #WeHelpChildrenGrowHealthier and help us achieve our DREAM !!! The Children around the world are all OUR children and ensuring their well being is important to bring forth a world we all want to live in.


You Make a Difference