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a non-profit multi-cultural media organization

We produce and distribute video programs that educate people to take more responsibility to better their lives and communities.

Our programs encourage people to stay healthy and to work towards environmental responsibility, educational improvement, economic justice, gender equity, youth empowerment and multi-cultural understanding.

Our achievements include the production and broadcasting of a weekly television series called "Global Vision" has broadcast over 500 shows focused on multi-cultural and global issues over 30 cable TV stations in California and beyond. These shows have also aired on NPR and local radio stations and have recently been offered air time on both a national cable TV station and an international radio station that reaches 100 countries.

Our organization features people and projects working towards economic social and environmental justice as well as helping many low-income and disenfranchised groups produce their own low-cost media materials to educate the community about their particular concerns.


Azarra Anna
Primary Founder and Executive Director of Global Peace Media,
Global Vision and Women in Media.


Global Vision TV and Radio Productions, San Francisco, CA 1989 ­ present.
Founder and executive producer of a long running documentary series covering multicultural and global issues. Global Vision highlights works of producers from around the world, combining interviews, discussions, events coverage and live performances. Over 400 programs produced. Shows run weekly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area; national coverage reached through global network and National Public Radio; international coverage offered on Radio for Peace International.

New Arts Productions, San Francisco, CA 1987 ­ 1989.
Co-director and producer for a film and music production company. Completed 7 short films on visionary themes. Films shown to independent film audiences at festivals throughout the US.

Spirit Flight Media, San Francisco, CA 1986 ­ 1987.
Co-producer for a music and publishing company. Completed two albums of new acoustic music, which received wide distribution by Capital Records and gained extensive play on national radio.

All About You television program, Los Angeles, CA 1986.
Co-producer and co-anchor of television show presenting people working for social justice. The 25 segments produced featured inspirational community leaders whose work encouraged others to take personal action in creating improved community living. Reached a large viewing audience in the greater Los Angeles area.

New Thinking Project, Los Angeles, CA 1984 ­ 1985.
Associate director and guest speaker for an on-going series of seminars and workshops on wholistic thinking and human development. Held weekly, the seminars educated audiences on skills development for achieving balance between work and private life.

Artists' Alliance, Los Angeles, CA 1981 ­ 1983.
Assistant Producer of a production company organizing major concert events for social justice groups such as Greenpeace, The Hunger Project, and Alliance for Survival. Concerts featured major entertainers; performances reached hundreds of thousands of attendees at major halls such as the Hollywood Bowl, the Rosebowl. Proceeds awarded to socially conscious grass roots organizations. KPFA Radio, Los Angeles, CA 1980 ­ 1981.
Free-lance reporter and volunteer. Produced radio segments covering a wide range of political and sociall issues, featuring community leaders working toward neighborhood improvement. 39 segments produced, reaching a large Los Angeles area listening audience.

WBAI Radio, New York, NY 1978 ­ 1980.
Free-lance reporter and volunteer. Produced shows covering women's issues, environmental concerns, and arts & culture. 32 segments produced, airing to the New York metropolitan area listening audience.

Producers Consortium.
Women In Media.
San Francisco Community Television Corporation.
Film Arts Foundation.
Bay Area Video Coalition.
Creative Resources Guild.
Progressive Media Makers.
Global Network.
Western Public Radio.
United Nations World Goodwill.
Peacemakers Television.
Quest Communications.
The Volunteer Center.
Mujeres Unidas


Co-Founder of Global Peace Media,
Chief Financial Officer,
Associate Producer and Art Director.

Producer for The Other Side of Midnight
Producer and Co-Host for The Other Side of the News

2001 Mars Animations for PAX Network TV Special, April 27,
InsightInteractiveMedia / partnership with Fred Torres
1994 Performance Director of Equinox Story Dance, Ghia Gallery, S.F., CA
1989 "Vision and Beyond" - Participating Artist) Nicholas Roerich Museum, NY
1988 Featured Guest of one hour Star Alliance Television Show - Nov, S.F., CA
1987 Director & Set Designer/Installation of " Arising Light of the Spirit",
Performance Event, at Collins Gallery, S.F., CA
1976 Director & Set Designer/Installation at the Center for Performing Arts,
for Eckankar, S.F., CA

UNITED NATIONS - 2011: R3i CAP-based Early Warning System
For the Dutch and English Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) in the Caribbean Region, funded by the European Union and directed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Barbados.
Objective: To create a branded campaign for the Early Warning System in the Caribbean OCTs that would showcase the individuality of four countries while still presenting a unified vision. The project consisted of creating over 200 products (Bi-lingual Posters, Bi-lingual Brochures, Power Point presentations, Large Vertical Banners, Bumper Stickers), Web Icons, Fact Sheets, Stationary, Training Sheets etc.)

1986: Logo for the first Young Astronaut / Young Cosmonaut Exchange Program
The Star of Peace logo to commemorate the First Young Astronaut / Young Cosmonaut Exchange Program, Washington D.C.

1999 Spoke at the Millenium Conference, Sedona, Arizona
1996- Creator and Director of Planetary Mysteries
1994 Speaker at the Moon / Mars Conference, Wyoming on the Mars Face Research/Sculpture,
1993 Art Director of Martian Horizons, CA / NJ
1989 Co-Founded Global Peace Media / Global Vision Television Show and Show Designer: Logo & Set, S.F., CA
1988 Art Director of Good Times, CA
1987-'90 Served on the Advisory Committee of The Mars Project, NJ & CA
1984-Mars Project Research & Exhibition Design, CA
1975-78 Lazaridi Interior Design, owner/designer, CA
1970-'73 Head Merchandising Designer of 5 US govt. Department stores in Athens, Greece
1972 Interior Designer of Jewelry Boutique - Athens, Greece
1972 Interior Designer of Toy Store - Athens, Greece
1969 Teaching Assistant (painting), Aegean School of Fine Arts, Cyclades, Greece


Azarra Anna

Primary Founder and Executive Director
of Global Peace Media,
Global Vision and Women in Media.


Co-Founder of Global Peace Media,
Chief Financial Officer,
Associate Producer and Art Director.

HeddaAdler Portrait_9_2017_w

Hedda Adler

Hedda Adler is an international speaker, award-winning author, wellness mentor and skin-care expert. She is expanding and deepening the idea of longevity and exposing the deficiencies of our current “aging beliefs.”

Hedda is an accomplished business woman who has owned her own Rejuvenation Center for 50 plus years. She is the recipient of the world’s most prestigious International Certification in Aesthetics - C.I.D.E.S.C.O.
She mastered the arts of Skin Care, Health and Wellness in her home country of Germany, as well as in France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, Hedda, lived
4 years with the royal family of Iran, traveling with the Queen Mother to the Caspian Sea and observing the results of the highest level of skin care.  

She has attracted a large and loyal following throughout her 50 years of supporting tens of thousands of women worldwide not only to look and feel their best, but to mentally and physically turn back “the aging clock.”

Hedda's personal transformation, set in motion the desire from her many clients to learn her secrets. This inspired her to write her book, "Ageless, 5 Keys to a Miraculous Life at any Age." Since then, Hedda's mission is to return people to their optimal well being. Her work has propelled her as a leader in mindset training, creating significant shifts in beliefs and attitudes with her “The Ageless Revolution.” 

AnnettaDriskell_ _w

Annetta Driskell

Annetta Driskell was a principle with Gunn Tech Inc. where she served as the Executive Vice President and worked as a electromechanical engineer in R&D.

She later partnered in the design firm, Resource Contract Planning and Design, Inc.
Her father was a biomedical scientist and inventor, her mother a medical professional.
Today, Annetta is a Medical  Intuitive who has helped many people find health through the maze of mysterious immune-suppressed conditions. She uses her ability to look beneath the tangled, often incorrect diagnosis, analyze data from medical tests, listen to her client’s histories, stories, to ferret out the hidden patterns and sources of disease. Annetta utilizes her intuition and applies her knowledge of medicine, herbs, food as medicine, and how the body works to empower her clients to make wise choices on their path to health and vitality.

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